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Ambigeria, Madpur

Principal's Desk

Principal's Desk

Dr. Partha Sarathi Singha

"Education is not the amount of information put into your brain that runs riot there, undigested, all your life. We must have life-building, man-making, character-making assimilation of ideas."  -- Swami Vivekananda

The educational system of ancient India was its pride. Scholars from faraway lands such as Hiuen Tsang and I-Qing came to study in the reputed Indian universities such as Takshasila, Nalanda and Vikramshila. However, the present age demands an educational system of a considerably different nature. It requires a pedagogical structure that enables the student to view herself as a part of the global community and achieve complete mastery over technical and communication skills. Furthermore, the recently concluded Covid pandemic has taught us the importance of making online educational facilities an integral part of our teaching system.

Government General Degree College, Kharagpur-II or GGDC KGP-II (as our institution is fondly called by its stakeholders) has made its presence felt in the academic map of Paschim Medinipur since its inception in June 2015. Fulfilling the vision of our honourable Chief Minister to provide education for all, our college caters to a large number of first-generation learners and meritorious students alike from the remotest parts of the district. Our students, therefore, have been regular beneficiaries of Kanyashree Prakalpa and various scholarship programmes such as Aikyashree, SVMCM, Nabanna Scholarship, OASIS, and Jindal Scholarship to name a few. These help our students pursue either higher education or better career prospects. This college, in its seventh year now, is UGC 2(f) recognized and affiliated to Vidyasagar University. The college presently offers bachelor degrees in Arts and Science subjects. At present, we teach five Major subjects in Humanities: Bengali, English, History, Philosophy, and Political Science, and four in Sciences: Botany, Chemistry, Physiology, and Zoology. The Minor subjects taught are Bengali, English, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Botany, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Physiology, and Zoology. We have modern and well-organized laboratories, a well-stocked library, a gymnasium, a spacious playground and a smart classroom for the use of our students. Our college is noted for its cultural programmes and various outreach activities organized by the NSS unit.

Our college aims at the holistic development of our students in order to help them gain a thorough knowledge of the outside world besides academic expertise. It can be proudly claimed that our institution is completely free of any instance of ragging or discrimination of any sort, and plays a proactive role in encouraging gender equality and female participation. Blessed with dedicated faculty members and skilled support staff, our college boasts of an environment of professional cooperation committed to achieve institutional excellence. As the principal of this prospering college, I have the moral, ethical, and professional responsibility to transform this young institution into a symbol of educational eminence.